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Saturday, August 25

You Know When You've Been Mangoed :-)

There's this friend of mine - Helen. She always buys me mango stuff when she comes round - even during winter. I wanna marry the woman for the sheer generosity of her gestures, but, alas, she's spoken for :-( (sniffle, sniffle)

Anyway, moving on...

Everytime she comes round, she always brings me something mango - the last time, it was Lush 'you've been mangoed' bath melt - before that, it was Del Monte's mango smoothie ice lolly - and before that, half a box of mangoes! I need to invite this woman to mine, like, everyday!

(BACKGROUND THOUGHT: Is there something Helen did to me in a past lifetime? - that she's (subconsciously) making up for? - did she slay me in a past life & bury my limp body under a mango tree? - I FORGIVE YOU, HELEN, I FORGIVE YOU - WHAT'S THAT?, YOU STILL FEEL BAD?, SO BAD YOU WANNA BUY ME MORE MANGOES? ERM.... OK THEN. :-) )

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dirt said...

Wow, you really love mangoes that much, huh? That's impressive. Well, good luck with it then. I'm looking forward to seeing this blog take off. After all, I'm pretty sure no one else has quite your niche, which means anyone who wants to read about mangoes will come straight to you! :-D

mango freak said...

hi dirt! thanks for passing thru :-)

yes, me and mangoes go back a long way.

I've been checking out A LOT of blogs, to see if there are any other ppl out there that are so GAGOID over the succulent fruit that they're dedicating a blog to it. There are blog entries but not a whole blog dedicated exclusively to mangoes.

But that's not why I'm setting this blog up anyway, not because there are/aren't any out there - but it was interesting to see that there weren't any, considering mangoes are consumed so widely and so much and a whole lot of people seem to love it.

Thanks again for passing through.

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