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Monday, August 20

Love is...

a heart
So, I was at a poetry event last night - really good - and one of the poets asked the audience to sum up 'Love' in one word...

...and I said 'Mangoes'.

What?   What's wrong with that?

Then someone else said 'Unconditional' and the poet oooh'ed and aaah'ed over that word for like a day. I'm like 'What about me?', 'What about meeeeeeeeee?'

Anywayz, deep down inside, I'm thinking she must have really liked my response 'cos she gave me one of her books - a gift - signed and everything! She wrote inside:

Love & Beauty = You.

YOU HEAR THAT, PEOPLE? Luuuuurve + Beaulee Equals ME! Ooooh Weeee!

Please show her some mango-lurve by passing through her site. Her name's Michelle Marie Clarke-Campbell. And her book's called Black Honey.

a mango in all of y'all's palms...

mango FReak.

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