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Some people call my luv of mangoes 'a fetish'. Meh. I say it's gone way beyond that! This blog's my homage to the succulent fruit - memoirs, poetry, random thoughts, pics & anything mango-related I can get my tongue on.

Tuesday, August 28

If I Had a Magic Wand...

...this is what I'd like to do...

1) travel to at least one continent (or two) tasting the different varieties of mangoes!

2) use my love of mangoes to help people (for e.g., to economically empower women in the (re)developing world by helping them gain a share of mango plantations)

3) organise a community mango festival every year (with the proceeds going to the above)

4) write as many poems under as many mango trees as I can!

5) Organise a mango-poetry & tasting night (or a Mango & Chocolate tasting night! Or a Mango, Chocolate & Male Stripper night! Mmmm....)

6) Make & sell mango t-shirts, badges, keyrings with mango slogans like Mango Freak, Mangoes that go ‘Oh’, Mango Breath.

7) Find out how old the oldest mango tree is (and whether it can be grafted to grow new ones)

mango FReak fo' lyfe.

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...that in Hinduism, the mango tree is considered to be sacred because Prajapati, the Lord of Creatures, was changed into a mango tree.


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