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Thursday, August 30

The Best Way to Eat a Mango...

With your bare hands.

Using a fork is too polite.

Get your fingers dirty. It's allowed. It's fun. It's freeing. Makes you feel playful. And alive. And messy. And, yes, messy is good. Try it.

Make sure you lick your fingers afterwards. Don't wipe 'em with a cloth. Lick them.

Remember licking off the dough from mum's bowl, fighting over it with your siblings to get your little grubby hands on it? Remember that first comforting moreish lick?

Remember playing water fights, pillow fights, snow fights, playing in the sand, in the rain - not caring if you got soaked through, or got feathers in your hair, or sand in your mouth, or if mud became your middle name? When it really didn't matter if mum threw a complete fit when she saw the state of you?

That's the kind of abandon you need when eating a mango.



Bobby said...

Wow, I am learning more about Mangoes everyday! It's one of my favourites also:)

mango freak said...

...then you are DEFINITELY a friend of mine on a whole different level!

Kaptain Krayola said...

Don't eat mangoes! Mangoes support communism! On top of that they can be VERY dangerous to your health. The Kaptain has proof!

The Danger of Mangoes

You have been warned!

mango freak said...

You're just jealous that I love my mangoes more than you love your pies! Don't let it get to ya. Breathe now, breathe. Aaaaand relax. :-)

Anna said...

You should never use anything else besides your hands when eating mangoes because you're right, that would be too polite. *lol* Although I ten to wipe my hands clean and wash right after eating them. But I've a tiny case of OCD so I'm excused. ;)

mango freak said...

Hi Anna

Try licking your fingers first, then washing them. But I understand - if you have slight OCD, it's to be commended that you even eat mangoes with your bare hands, so well done!

Thanks for passing through. :-)


...that in Hinduism, the mango tree is considered to be sacred because Prajapati, the Lord of Creatures, was changed into a mango tree.


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