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Monday, September 24

Eat Mangoes Naked...

hmm, that's something i haven't tried - well... not in front of Denzel Washington anyway! So I'm sending it out into the universe. Universe, I'd like to eat mangoes naked in front of Mr Washington. And Universe, I'd like to think he'd like that too.

mmm... man-goes, den-zel, same amount of syllables. no coincedence.

Actually, I have eaten a mango naked - well, almost. I was up at Glastonbury festival in June. My friend Helen (the one that always gets me mango stuff when she stays round mine) surprised me with a nice big mango. I was over the f**king moon.

I saved it for breakfast - me, myself and I, zipped up in my tent, gladly closed off from the hustle & bustle of Glastonbury, eating my mango, in my panties & bra, with my belly hanging out. It was DIVINE, darling, divine. I was totally in my element. :-)


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...that in Hinduism, the mango tree is considered to be sacred because Prajapati, the Lord of Creatures, was changed into a mango tree.


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