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Friday, September 7

True Story...

I was in New York last year - on holiday for a couple of weeks - with my sister - Upper Westside - 82nd street or so.

There were a lot of homeless people, beggars - no different than London really. One of them was a girl. I call her a girl because she was. She looked very young - couldn't have been older than 14. So young.

Sleeping next to a shop.

Dirty. Very dirty. Like she'd been down a chimney sweep. The dirt didn't hide her childhood. And the fact that she was a beautiful child. And the worrying fact that she may never grow up to be a balanced young woman with a whole world of opportunities at her feet.

I didn't know what to do for her.

So I placed a couple of dollars in her curled hand

...and a mango.

And walked away...

knowing that neither one of them would be enough.

I'm sorry I couldn't save you

Put warm food in your belly
Wash your face
Bathe you
Clothe you
Hug you

Tell you "you're safe now".



dirt said...

If it's any comfort, a good friend of mine was a teenaged runaway. I didn't know her back then. When I met her, she had become a talented writer and my classmate in this graduate program. She has a lot of promise as a writer, and she now wants to work with young girls who are in the same trouble she went through. There is hope. I'm glad you gave her a mango.

mango freak said...

Yes, it is comforting to know that things can change. I know they can.

Thank you for telling me about your friend.

take care...

Michelle said...

We are thinking some of the same thoughts lately.

Go here. It's a secret I'm sharing with you. You know me already. (Don't you just love intrigue...) ;-)

It's not exactly uplifting, though.

Singing The Sky


mango freak said...

Thanks Michelle. I think I'll read it when I'm ready to, like tonight or something. Just not in the mood or have the strength at the mo' to go where it might take me. But thanks though. I will have a read. Definitely.

take care...


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