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Some people call my luv of mangoes 'a fetish'. Meh. I say it's gone way beyond that! This blog's my homage to the succulent fruit - memoirs, poetry, random thoughts, pics & anything mango-related I can get my tongue on.

Thursday, October 18

She's Worried - That Means She Must Love Me!

I have a friend who, after several years, is now starting to really understand my obsession with mangoes.

And she sounded worried.

Really worried.

Oh dear. Things might never be the same between us! :-)

[ps: my nephew's just asked me 'Aunty, what's a 'Mego Freak?' - bless 'em, he meant 'Mango Freak'.]

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...that in Hinduism, the mango tree is considered to be sacred because Prajapati, the Lord of Creatures, was changed into a mango tree.


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