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Wednesday, May 14

I missed the boat...

no mangoes, sad
By the time I got to the stall, the mangoes were mostly gone. GRRR. The ones that were left didn't look too good and, frankly, I wasn't that desperate. There were some Julie mangoes but I really didn't fancy those (plus Julie mangoes tend to be quite expensive too). I wanted the mangoes I'd had on Thursday (sniffle, sniffle).

I really didn't have the energy to then go to Green Street market to look for some 'cos my feet were killing me. I wasn't wearing heels or anything, just slippers, but I think they were truly meant for lounging around in the home as there was hardly any grip on them.

When the guy at the stall told me the mangoes I wanted were all sold out, I asked him a couple of times, 'are you sure?', hoping he was hiding a couple behind the stall. I looked at him like a hungry puppy. Nope - there were well and truly none left.

It was my fault really - I should have left the flat earlier. I didn't realise how bad I wanted some 'til he told me there were none left (sniffle, sniffle).

Anyway, I ended up buying some from the Tesco's @ Canary Wharf - they were doing a 2-for-1 offer on them. They were your regular polite supermarket mangoes - nothing special (though the 2nd one tasted better).

(p.s: BodyShop 'Mango' Body Butter. Yum!)


(img credit: Mel B.)

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