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Tuesday, December 4

Can't wait for the summer...

summer, can't wait

I miss the taste of fresh mangoes. I really do. What we commonly have in England at the moment, with it being winter, are those huge ones you get in most supermarkets – I think they're called Atkins.

I miss walking through Green Street market over the summer, brushing my eyes over the variety of mangoes piled up succulently - Honey mangoes, Ghana mangoes, Julie mangoes – walking round the market to find the best value for money, getting home, sitting down with a big bowl of them and eating 'til my stomach looks like it's with child.

I might have to start travelling, during winter, to places where mangoes are in season – if I could afford to, I would.

I don't feel like having the standard mangoes you get in Sainsbury's and Morrison's though sometimes they can be nice. There's a continental market that sets up outside Stratford station for a couple of days every 3 months or so – there's a guy that sells dried organic mango slices there – the organic ones taste better than the non-organic ones, especially if you have a sour tooth. The non-organic ones just taste sickly-sweet to me.

Yeah. I think I might treat myself. Go pick up a bag of those. See if it'll soothe my craving - and cheer me up a bit.

I really can't wait for the summer. I'm a Summer baby - born in June. I was made for mangoes :-)


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